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#1. Which of these sentences best represents "unprecedented"? something which has been done before not likely to happen never done before

#2. Which of the following set of adjectives best describes someone who is ingenious ? inventive, creative, imaginative, original stealthy, subtle, sneaky, crafty foolish, stupid, brainless, mindless

#3. someone who is incentivized to do something is .... cautious and careful motivated and encouraged unwilling and resistant

#4. my business is burgeoning! can be translated as the following My business is expanding! My business is dying! My business is selling burgeons!

#5. legacy media is best summarized as the latest applications and websites traditional forms of media the most important people in media

#6. a contentious decision is one that is likely to cause an argument is safe and noncontroversial is respected and admired

#7. the idiom "dial something back" is best defined as to lessen something, especially in intensity to repeat information, especially to someone to measure something, especially over time

#8. the antonym of optimistic is realistic pessimistic hedonistic

#9. which of these is a synonym for consequence ? consecutive simultaneous ramification

#10. To assume something is true is to think that it is true without evidence or proof think that it may be true think that it is true because of the evidence available

#11. Scrutiny can be best described as confidence that something is true being free from danger or threat careful investigation and examination

#12. unnecessary and or excessively complicated regulations and administrative processes are often described as patents redtape automated

#13. Which of the following is a synonym for Autonomous Independant Automatic Enterprising

#14. if tensions are simmering they are relaxed and free, in a comfortable environment. lawless and dangerous, unable to be controlled. controlled but may burst out at any time, often violently.

#15. a lucrative deal is one that will most likely be broken one that will generate a great profit one that will cause many problems later on

#16. Who will be the next vice president of the US? A B C D

#17. An example which perks don't provide is on-site classes in topics like cooking fitness centers snacks micro-manager

#18. Whose proverb is this? “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Ernest Hemingway Helen Keller Charles Darwin Haruki Murakami

#19. What does simultaneously mean? at the same time permanently temporarily

#20. Which one is an eclipse? A B C D

#21. What does by-product mean in this context? "One welcome by-product of the crisis is that work-style reform is getting a much-needed boost because more companies are encouraging their employees to telework" process bypass secondary result urgency

#22. What does amid mean in this context? "WeWork, which saw a drop in membership amid social distancing concerns, has also touted this “hub-and-spoke” model" apart from besides in the middle of meanwhile

#23. What does niche mean? "One, niche brands can play, supporting Micro-Influencers and financing more and more people to join the economy" interesting to, aimed at, or affecting only a small number of people: interesting to, aimed at, or affecting only a large number of people:

#24. What's the synonym of decentralize in this context? "Many companies will begin to shrink their office space, and in turn will look to decentralize employees to satellite offices." accumulate disperse garner unite

#25. What two words are blended for Brexit ?

#26. What does LGBT stand for?

#27. What does GAFA stand for?

#28. What is the following movement called? "A decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people."





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