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ちなみに、インスタ映えはInstagram-worthyというそうです。-“do it for the gram” = you should take a picture/video for instagramというのは個人的にかっこいい感じがします。

また、日本では馴染みがないですが、-St. Patrick’s Day(最近ではアルコールを飲んで楽しく騒ぐ日みたいにになっているそうですが)では緑の服などを着るそうで、もし着ていないと体をつねられる・つままれる(pinch)とのことでした。色々な風習がありますね。


-advice for TOEFL


-haunted house (bad spirits/ghosts)

-omamori = charm

-omikuji = fortune

-daikichi = best fortune (really good luck)

-daikyou = worst fortune (really bad luck)

-leprechaun (Irish myth)

-St. Patrick’s Day

-Chengdu (Sichuan/Szechuan)

-Tropical Fruits (rare?)

-Beverly Hills


-LA County Museum of the Arts (LACMA)

-county (like ward)

-Instabae = Instagram-worthy

-“do it for the gram” = you should take a picture/video for instagram

-observe = watch/look at something

observatory = place where you can watch/look at something

-Griffith Observatory

-city view, stars

-interactive, educational


-… is one of the ……

-one of the best

-one of the most

-Now let me tell you….

-emphasize = strongly express your belief/what you think

-information first. Now let me tell you, ..your belief.

ex. People think that Chinese and English are similar. Now let me tell you, they’re not.

-amazing-looking building = building that looks amazing

-cool-looking hat = a hat that looks cool

-yummy-looking drink = drink that looks yummy

-funny-looking toy/alligator


-(NUANCE) in general, big or small (size) are facts, better use your opinion (beautiful/cool/delicious)

-The Grammy Museum is a must-see for museum lovers

-a must-see (compound word) = not you must see, but means you definitely must see (as a


-must-see, must-have (NO must-eat, NO must-go, No must-do)

-must-see: Cat Cafe Mocha, Cherry Blossom

-must-have: umbrella in rainy season, iPhone

-the, a, an

-the = one specific ….

-a, an = same meaning (an: before vowels)

-excitement = feeling of being excited

-entertainment = feeling of being entertained

-can skip this(a bit of = some)


If you’re up for watching a movie, head for/to Shinjuku.

If you’re up for …., YOUR RECOMMENDATION

-select = to choose

-selection = choices/options

That pet shop has a fantastic selection of cats.When you go to the department store in Ikebukuro, you can choose from a wide/big/huge selection of Japanese items/products.Just next to Just above, just underneath, just behind, just to the right / left of

-by far = comparing something that are very different in a particular aspect

-something is by far the …..

-“I’ll have the ……. please.”

-“……. please”

-“Thank you, that will be all”

-“No thank you.”

-“We want to eat family-style so could we have an extra plate.”

-“Would that be all” = are you finished ordering, is there anything else you want to order?





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