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レッスンレポートについて(Part2 )




Pun - a joke using words (ダジャレ)

(A play on words)

That’s punny - that’s funny (for a pun)


Cumulative test (Kyu-mewl-ay-tiv)

Accumulate - collect , gather


-multi = more than one


=many/more than one color

Haneda Airport is the hub for international travel/flights.

Tokyo University is a hub for research.

The National Diet is a hub for administration.

Kyoto is a hub for Japanese culture.

Coined = named; deemed; considered; created a name as

…. was coined…(a title: name or thing)..

… is coined….

I was coined

Korea was coined the center of pop culture.

She has been coined a star.

Hollywood was coined the center of entertainment.

Traffic-free = no cars; no traffic

….-free = no ….

Garbage-free, smoking-free


Children-free, animal-free, bug-free, alcohol-free

Gluten-free, meat-free, peanut-free

18th century = 1701-1800

21st century = Twenty-first century

1997 = Twentieth century

1111 =Twelfth Century

Can I vs. May I

May I = polite

Can (some people say it can only be for skills)

Can swim, can speak English, can bike, can sing

Can I is the same May I , May I is a little more polite

Could you

Could you lend me your pen

I’ll = I will

I will have …..


Fast = quick

pace= speed


I’d like

I would like….

That’ll be all (that will be all)

To complete your order; to express that you’re finished with your request.


South of Houston Street


South of Market Street

Must try In-n-Out

-only in California!!!!

Rainbow Bagels

Flushing New York

-many Asian restaurants

インスタ映え= Instagram-worthy, Instagrammable (able to take a instagram photo)

Worth = value

Worth taking a picture for instagram

Valuable for instagram



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