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あと、Gutted(= sad or disappointed)の意味を推測してみてという質問がありましたが、私は以前のクラスで"Got it"と回答しましたが、今日の受講生の方も同じ回答でした。考えることはよく似てますね。


Britain = the main island (consisting of Wales, Scotland, England)

United Kingdom (all of the kingdoms together make up the UK)

Scotland Ireland


EU (European Union)

French fry = chips

Chips = crisps

Mono = latin root for 1

River Thames (pronounced [temz])

large= big

During my lifetime…..

A lifetime is too short to do…..

It would take a lifetime to….

In my lifetime, I would like to….

It would take a lifetime to travel all over the world.

It would take a lifetime to study all the languages of the world.

In my lifetime, I would like to master English/travel all over the world.

All board = expression used to tell people to board (usually a ship)

Entire = whole

Skytree is a landmark of Tokyo.

Cinderella Castle is a landmark of Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo University is a landmark of Japan.

The avenue of gingko trees is a landmark of Tokyo University.

“A” and “The”

-a landmark must be a “the”

Fancy = like

Gutted = sad or disappointed

Quid = 1 pound

A buck = 1 dollar

Ta = Bye, See you later

Mate = friends, buddy

Banter = small talk, funny jokes, good conversation

Cheeky Nandos= guiltily getting chicken when you know you prob



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