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レッスンレポート(Part12 レギュラークラス Ultimate Taipei Sightseeing Tour)



台湾の温泉は良さそうですね!あと、タピオカミルクティーのお店が結構あるみたいですが、英語では"Boba/Bubble tea/ Pearl milk tea/ Tapioca milk tea"など色々と言い方があるみたいなので覚えておくといいかなと思います。また、この教室の外国人インストラクターの多く(オーストラリアのSeanは知りませんが)はタピオカミルクティーが好きなので話のネタになるかなと思います!


Warm Up

🔊 Have you ever been to Taipei or other places in Taiwan before?

🔊 Do you know some famous landmarks in Taipei?

🔊 Have you ever tried Taiwanese food? If so, what did you eat?


🔊 Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!

🔊 After the video: Did you get it? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you didn’t understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂

🔊 Where did the host travel to in the video?

🔊 What did the host describe the hot springs as being like?

🔊 What does “Longshan” mean in English?

Key Words & Phrases

🔊 Do you understand the following Key Words & Phrases? Your teacher will select Key Words & Phrases and ask you about their meanings.🔊 If you don’t understand, your teacher can explain them. Afterwards, try to use the Key Words & Phrases to make a sentence!

🔊 00:32 It feels like I am standing over a model. All the cars are teeny.

🔊 00:46 this place is about as posh as it gets.

🔊 00:50 There are beautifully sculptured gardens.

🔊 00:55 It’s kinda like being in a candy store. They all have their own flavor

🔊 01:07 and that’s why there is so many intricate dragons all over this place.

🔊 01:15 it’s really quite astounding to be here.

🔊 01:58 This is kind of an explosion for the senses.

🔊 02:27 This city has a piece of my heart.


🔊 What surprised you the most about Taipei after watching this video?

🔊 If you could only do one of the things the host did, what would you do?

🔊 Do you enjoy planning out an itinerary like the host did or making up plans as you go?


🔊 Your teacher has gotten lost again. Please help them to find the place🙂




Taipei 101

Kokyu Museum

Art museum, history museum

Sho Ron Po/Soup dumpling

Night markets

Taiwanese food:

Tapioca milk tea

Bubble tea



Toufa/Tofu sweets

Soy bean milk

Where did the host travel to in the video?

Taipei 101Hot springsNight MarketNational museumLongshan temple

What did the host describe the hot springs as being like?

The hot springs are like a candy store

What does Longshan mean in English?

Dragon Mountain

Model = smaller version of something

Fashion models

All the cars are teeny

Small (childish, playful sound)Teeny-tiny

This place is about as posh as it gets


is about as

The top amountThe most


Sculpture = 3D art of a person, animal or anything (usually made out of wood, stone, metal)Statue = 3D art of a person or animal (usually made out of wood, stone, metal)

Sculptured gardens = gardens are sculptured

sculptured = made, cleaned up, looks like a sculpture


It’s kinda like being in a candy store = the hot springs are like being in a candy store

kinda (kind of) = similar , a little bitThe hot springs are similar to being in a candy storeLike = similar

Intricate dragons all over the place

Intricate = complex (not simple), detailed (small attention to detail)Complicated -> negative meaning

Complex -> positive meaning

All over the place (stronger meaning) = everywhere

It is really quite astounding to be here

quite (softer) = very, reallyIt is really hot today (stronger)

It is quite hot today

Astounding marvelousGreat = very goodShocking/stunning

Moving = inspirational, touching, emotional

Explosion for the senses

Explosion = “boom”


Seeing (sight), looking





There is so much happening your senses explodeLots of energy


All of your senses working at the same time

This city has a piece of my heart (romantic image)

piece = small part


lots of memories were made

Grew fond of the city

Grew = to become, shows a changeI grew to like vegetables

Before I did not like vegetables, but not I do

He really likes the city(Good meaning)

What was most surprising about Taipei after watching the video

National Palace MuseumHot springsI didn’t know that there are hot springs in Taipei

Different from Japanese onsen

Night marketVery excitingDangerous (not safe)

If you could only do 1 thing the host did, what would you do?

I would like to go to Taipei 101 because I want to see Taipei from a tall place.

I would like to go to the night market because I want to eat noodles and stinky tofu.

I would like to go to the hot springs because I want to feel relaxed.

I would like to go to the hot springs because I am not good at hot baths and Taiwan baths are not so hot.

When you travel, do you enjoy having a plan or not having a plan?

When I travel, I like having a plan because time is money. I want to be efficient with my time.When I travel, I do both. Sometimes I plan a very strict schedule and sometimes I don’t.I like having a plan. I make a relaxed schedule because I want to plan time to shop.When I travel, I like shopping, so I like having no plan.

Go straight/forward (the # of blocks or streets)

Turn (left/right)

And you can see the destination on your left/right

- And you can see the destination in front of you

- and you will arrive at the destination





42.195 = 42 (point) 195 kilometers = 5 hours





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