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レッスンレポート(Part8 レギュラークラス Paris France Top Things to Do)

土曜日の Trevorのレッスンです。普段はアメリカ出身のインストラクターが多いので、アメリカの観光を中心に扱っていますが、気分転換にパリの動画を使用しました。

Trevorから「パリは何の街か?」という質問がありましたが、私は「花の都」という言葉をまず思いつきましたが、彼が言うには"City of Love"として知られているとのことでした。これがアメリカ人や世界的に共通した認識なのかは調べてみたいですが、こういった違いも興味深いですね。


ちなみに、英単語の説明の方法の話ですが、Stunningly (stunning) = shockingly,Very Shockedについては、Trevorがスタンガン((stun gun)の写真を見せてくれました。暴漢などの相手に電気ショックを与える器具(護身用具)のことです。Stunninglyを知らなくてもstun gunの写真を見ると一気に意味がつながりましたし、記憶に残りやすいですね。


Paris France Top Things to Do | Viator Travel Guide

Warm Up

🔊 Have you ever been to Paris before?

🔊 Do you know what the city of Paris is known as?

🔊 Can you name some things Paris is famous for?


Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!🔊 After the video: Did you get it? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you didn’t understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂

🔊 Why does the video recommend you ride a Citroen IndyCar?

🔊 What is the best way to see the Versailles and why?

🔊 What activities are mentioned in this video?

Key Words & Phrases🔊 Do you understand the following Key Words & Phrases? Your teacher will select Key Words & Phrases and ask you about their meanings.🔊 If you don’t understand, your teacher can explain them. Afterwards, try to use the Key Words & Phrases to make a sentence!🔊 00:29 It is stunningly beautiful🔊 00:37 We’re seeing all the major sites🔊 01:05 on the banks of the Seine River🔊 01:20 I understand now why he was so inspired🔊 01:36 you can actually go to all these hidden pockets and fountains🔊 01:52 And it is so incredible to watch each one of these guys work their craft🔊 02:05 Being at a French wine tasting when a sommelier is teaching me about the wine🔊 02:08 makes me feel much more empowered🔊 02:23 it’s such a spectacle to watch🔊 02:28 This place is classy, it’s romantic, and it’s picturesque

Which places stood out to you the most?

If you had one day in Paris, what would you do?

In the video, Paris is described as picturesque. What are some places you think are picturesque and why?


2/9/2019(Sat) 13:00-14:10 Trevor

Paris is the city of..

Fashion Love

Louvre museum

Eiffel Tower

Musee d’OrsaySeine




Wine - sommelier

Why is it recommended to ride a Citroen IndyCar

You can see all the major sites

The best way to see Versailles is by bike

Activities mentioned in the video:

Boat rideRide a Citroen IndyCarEiffel TowerGiverny: where Monet livedWine tasting with a sommelier

Stunningly (stunning) = shockingly


Major sites

Site = placeMajorMain, large/big, important

On the banks of the Seine River

Bank = place you keep moneyBank = riverside Riverbank

I understand now why he (Monet) was so inspired = motivated

Inspired = feeling of wanting to do somethingWhy he really liked this area

Hidden pockets and fountains

hidden = usually can’t seePocket = scene, a place out of sightHidden pocket = place you usually can’t seeHole-in-the-wall restaurants = not very well known restaurant, but very delicious food

Craft = anything handmade

Empowered = motivated

Spectacle = wonderful, glamorous show, something interesting/weird(strange)

Classy = has class

Class = elegant

Romantic = has romance

Picturesque = picture-like / looks like a picture

‘Esque’ = like

table-esque = looks like a table


Food tour = try different types of food

Rob = to have your items stolen

theft = to have your items stolen

Pickpocketing = having your items taken off of your person





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